General information about the module

Order № 23 dated 28.08.2007, in KazNMU im.S.D. Asfendiyarov was a department of «Management and Marketing in Health and Pharmacy with the basics of law» which 25.07.2012 year was transformed in a module «Health Care Management and Pharmacy» at the School of Public Health, and the section «Law» which was in the structure of the department «Management and marketing in healthcare and pharmacy» was transferred on new created module «Medical Rights and legislation in public health.

«Graduates of «Management» 5В050700 can perform management, business, financial, healthcare system and pharmacy. Function their extensive training, they can work in different economic structures, sociological services, organizational units of healthcare management, industry complexes, government, joint stock companies, various business associations and non-profit organizations and entrepreneurship.

In 2009, the first edition was produced undergraduates magistr 6N1101 — «Medicine», «Public Health.» In September 2009, the specialty 6N1101 – «Medicine» transferred от new created caphedra of «Health Policy and Management healthcare».

The module is teaching twenty subjects (Basic of Management and Marketing, Theory and Practice of Management, Financial Management, Production Management, Marketing, Business organization,  management personal, etc.).

Teachers module elaboration study metology complex, programs, and methodology recommendation of projects and diploms work, teaching training, production practices. Published textbooks for the course «Financial Management» in Kazakh (10 page).

Teachers module leadership learning and produce practice and diploms work graduates.