Department of History of Kazakhstan

Department of History of Kazakhstan, cultural studies, philosophy, political science, sociology, is one of the leading departments KazNMU them. S.D.Asfendiyarova. It was founded in 1931. as the Department of Marxism-Leninism, SD Asfendiyarov, who was the first of its head. For many years the Medical University at the Department of outstanding scientists working figures.

From 1931 to 1938, Department of Marxism-Leninism, was named chair of political economy, dialectical materialism and Leninism, which was in charge of Isayev, MD in the 1933-1938 years., Polukhin I.A.v 1938 1945gg., Naumets VS in 1946-1952gg. Since 1958, the department operated as 4 separate departments, «scientific communism», «History of the CPSU,» «Political Economy», «Philosophy.» Chair of philosophy were in the 1954-1957 years. Bolgov IG, in 1958-1961gg. — Tulenov JT, in 1961-1964. Isayev, MD, in 1964 1969gg.-Caldas, AM, 1970-1973 he. — Dautov TM, in 1973-1976. — Burabai MS

The department «Scientific Communism» in the 1967-1984 years. charge Kunantaev MK In 1980 the department was renamed the Department of Theory of Socialism (political science, sociology, basic rights), chair of political economy, and the department of philosophy. From 1984-1995 gg. — Chair of the theory of sociology, political science and the foundations of law was Biekenov MA, Department of Philosophy in 1976-1989 — Yandarov AD.

In 1995, four were merged into the department chair of social sciences which was headed in 1995-1999. — Doctor of Philosophy Bekbosynova JB, in 2000-2001 — PhD, Ismagulova KB, from February to September 1, 2001 Doctor of Philosophy Kabaeva JA, from September 2001 to March 2003. Ph.D., Professor. Altayev JA Since September 2003 the department of social — humanitarian disciplines were divided into two departments: philosophy, political science, sociology, law and chair of the history of Kazakhstan, cultural, and economic theory. In 2009 it was merged with the Department of History and Culture of Kazakhstan.

Currently, the department taught five disciplines: philosophy, sociology, political science, history of Kazakhstan, cultural studies, as well as read from elective courses in social work, sociology, medicine, political management, etc.

The department worked the Great Patriotic War: Associate Mukhamedzhanov EH, Aldanazarov AS, Ven. Umarov, S., and docents FP Rybakov, AS Rakhimov, Uteshev SK, which is proud of our university.

From 2003 to the present head of the department of philosophy, political science, sociology and history of Kazakhstan, cultural studies PhD, Associate Professor Bisembaeva ZU Currently work in the department: Professor — Doctor of Sociology, KU prof.Biekenov, associate professors: k.s.n., Associate Professor Nagaybaeva ZA Assoc. Ph.D., Daken MD, PhD, Turabekova BB, senior teachers: Rsaldina GT, PhD, Ryskieva AA, because IN, Abdrasilov AA, Ph.D. Beysembina RI, Ph.D. Dyusenova N. PhD, Anasova KT, PhD, MA Dzhekebaeva, Tauekelova TB, Zhusupova KN, Abdrazakov NS, Tattibek NM, Hayruldaeva AM, Tulentaeva KA, Zholdybaeva SA, MK Dauytbekova, teachers of the department.: Tursunbaeva SD, Myrzakulova G., Bazhenov, RA, Amantaeva DB Isaev, MI, SM Ilgidaeva and 4 lab: Sarsenbayev GS, DM Tattibek and Israylova GK Akhmetov and B.

Teachers of the department of history of Kazakhstan, philosophy, political science, sociology, spend most scientific, pedagogical, educational and social work. Scientific studies teachers of the department related to the methodology of knowledge, national culture, socio-political movements, socio-political and economic processes in Kazakhstan, the philosophical aspects of environmental problems of religion. During the training teachers of the department using the new forms and methods of teaching. Teachers of the department work well also in scientific terms, are protected dissertations, young teachers working on master’s theses topics. At the Department of disciplines: philosophy, political science, sociology and history prepared for the methodical development of students and teachers. Published brochures, guidelines for students, as well as articles.

At the same time actively conducted educational work with students in the educational and outside the classroom, are the curators of groups, as well as curators in the dorms KazNMU.