Department of Kazakh language

Department of Kazakh language is one of the first departments of Almaty medical institute. The first head of the department was an Academician of KazSSR Ismet Kenesbayevich Kenesbayev. In 1937 the department was headed by K.E. Breusova and it was named as “Department of Russian language”.

In 1938-1952 this department was named as “Department of languages”.

In 1989 the department of Kazakh language was newly reorganized. Up to 1996 candidate of philological sciences K.K. Ayapbergenova was a head of the department.

In 1996-1998 senior teacher Doskeyeva Baldyrgan Zharmukhametovna was appointed as a head of the department, in 1998-2008 -candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Iskhan  Beibit Zhalelovich.

In 1997-1998 the course of psychology, pedagogics and Russian language was included into the staff of the department. In this connection the department has become as “The department of Kazakh language with the course of psychology, pedagogics and Russian language”.

In March, 2009 candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Suatai Sabit Kurmanzhanovich was appointed on competitive base as a head of the department. He is an author of 2 textbooks “Іскери қазақ тілі”, «Іс қағаздармен жұмыс», about 30 scientific and educational methodic articles and he is also a compiler of standard  program on such subjects as “Computer translation”, “Contrasting linguistics and “Applied linguistics”. He is a member of international Association of turkologists.

The teachers of the department carry out a great scientific – research work. Annually the teachers take part in the work of international, republican scientific conferences and seminars, where they publish their scientific works. There are 5 candidates of philological sciences at the department, out of them 2 teachers have passed the High Attestation commission and confirmed the title of an associate professor. The head of the department C.K. Suatai has completed thesis for a defending Doctor’s degree. Associate professors B.Zh. Doskeyeva and R.N. Darmenkulova approved their theses for Doctor’s degree.

In 2009 the department carried out an International scientific-practical conference on the theme “Медицина білімі – мемлекеттік тіл аясында”. The conference was aimed at improving the status of State language and decisions of global problems during teaching process.

An associate   professor B. Zh. Doskeyeva is a teacher with a great theoretical and practical experience. She has made a valuable contribution to the method of teaching professional lexics in medicine. B.Zh. Doskeyeva is an author of textbooks “Қазақ тілі” for continuing groups of the 1st course of high schools (Almaty, 2011 ) and Kazakh language for high  medical schools (2002). These textbooks are used during teaching process in Republic.

In 2001 candidate of philological sciences, associate professor R.N. Darmenkulova published a textbook “Медициналық мәтіндер жинағы”, in 2004 – “Қызықты қазақ тілі” with the co-author, associate professor M.B. Kokkozova, Darmenkulova R.N. is an author of 11 scientific articles on her thesis theme.

Candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Isayeva Zh.T. is an author of many textbooks, such as: “Қазақ тілі. Фонетика” (Almaty, 2003), “Қазақ тілі. Сөзжасам. Морфология”, (Almaty, 2004), “Әдеби тілдің нормасынан ауытқыған сөздердің тарихи-лингвистикалық аспектісі” (Almaty, 2004).

Senior teacher G.Zh. Tungushbayeva published a textbook “Қазақ тілі сабақтары” (2008) for students of stomatological faculty.

Teachers of the department Khabdin K.E. and Tattybayeva A.E. published a textbook “Қазақ тілі сабақтары” in 2005.

Senior teachers of Latin language Te R.B.and Zhantasova S.O. published a textbook “Collection of exercises on Latin language for students of medical faculty” (2006),  Zhantasova S.O. – “Латын тілі жаттығулар жиынтғы” (2003), Tlegenova S.E., Zhantasova S.O. – “Латын тілі типтік бағдарлама” (2003) and  Zhantasova S.O., Nurmuhambetova B.N. “Латын тілі пәнінен анатомиялық терминология” (2006).  T.D. Tatarenko published in Kazakh and Russian  languages a textbook “Tests on Latin language  anatomo-histological  terminology for the students of the 1st course of KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendyiarov”  (2006), A.A. Tokpanova and N.U. Abulkhairova – “Grammar of Latin language in tables” (2006), where were given the schemes of Latin grammar. Teachers of Latin Language Tatarenko, A.A. Tokpanova, A.D. Isabekova, E.K. Lisaridi published “Test tasks on Latin language” (2010).

Teachers of the department have published numerous monographies, dictionaries, textbooks and carry out a fruitful educational – methodic and scientific work.

In February, 2010 the course of Latin language was included into the staff of the Kazakh language department.

Nowadays, there are 27 teachers at the department, out of them 5 associate professors, 14 senior teachers, 4 teachers, 2 senior laboratory assistants, 2 laboratory assistants.